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11257 Alta Dr. Suite 101 Jacksonville, FL 32226

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Root Canals in Jacksonville, FL

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If you're dealing with tooth discomfort, gum swelling, or a dental abscess, it might indicate a serious infection lurking beneath the gum line. Root canal therapy is often the go-to treatment to address these issues.
Relieve your tooth pain with Northpoint Dental's premier root canal treatment in Jacksonville, FL. We prioritize your overall well-being and health.
Worried about the procedure? For those who feel anxious, we provide sedation dentistry options to ensure a calm, pain-free experience.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

The process involves the removal of infected regions within the tooth's soft inner part called the pulp. Neglecting these infections could lead to the entire tooth deteriorating. By undergoing a root canal, you save your tooth, promote its healing, and reinforce its strength.
Under Dr. Makary's expertise, we pinpoint the need for a root canal in a timely manner to prevent potential complications.
Following the treatment, we seal the tooth with a pristine, durable dental crown that matches your natural tooth color, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

If you notice any of the following, our specialized equipment will help determine if you need root canal treatment:
● Gums that are swollen and sensitive● Persistent toothache● Increased tooth sensitivity● Presence of a gum abscess● Sharp discomfort while eating or biting
These symptoms suggest that the decay has penetrated the tooth's pulp, causing an infection or abscess internally or at the root's base.

Root Canal Treatment Costs

The cost factor is often a concern. With Northpoint Dental, it doesn't have to be. Your root canal's exact price can depend on your dental insurance coverage. We're affiliated with numerous top-tier dental insurance providers and accept all PPO plans for your convenience.
No insurance? Consider our Membership Savings Program, offering substantial discounts on various procedures, including root canals. We also facilitate monthly payment plans for those who require them.
For any queries, don't hesitate to reach out and speak with our dedicated patient coordinator.

Book Your Root Canal Treatment

Ensure your health remains uncompromised. If you're plagued by continuous tooth pain or other concerning symptoms, contact us promptly to secure the necessary care.

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