11257 Alta Dr. Suite 101 Jacksonville, FL 32226

(904) 439-8300

11257 Alta Dr. Suite 101 Jacksonville, FL 32226

(904) 439-8300

New Patients at Northpoint Dental


$99 Introductory Offer for New PatientsWarm greetings to our prospective family members at Northpoint Dental! If you're new to our community, embrace our exclusive $99 introductory package. This encompasses a detailed dental examination, a set of x-rays, and an opportunity for a heart-to-heart with our esteemed dentist!
*Note: This offer is designed for our uninsured patrons (referencing codes D0150 and D0210).

Your Comfort is Our Commitment

A hearty welcome awaits you at Northpoint Dental! Our commitment lies in curating a seamless dental experience for our Jacksonville community and its extended neighborhoods. As you step in, brace yourself for state-of-the-art dentistry fused with an essence of home.
For the little members accompanying you, we have an array of kids' books and engaging activity sheets. As you transition to the treatment zone, indulge in some light TV or music. And for those chilly moments, our plush blankets and pillows are at your service. For individuals grappling with dental unease, our calibrated sedation techniques ensure a serene experience.

Your First Visit

Your initial meeting with Northpoint Dental and Dr. Makary is all about bonding. Dive deep into discussions about your timeline, prior dental history, and any dental reservations or anxiety you might have. Our ethos is rooted in serving quality, coupled with genuine care akin to family. Rest assured, we champion transparent dialogue, steering clear of unnecessary procedures. Your voice matters, and we encourage you to be the co-author of your dental journey.

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Strategically nestled amidst the tranquil neighborhood of Oceanway-NorthJacksonville, Northpoint Dental beckons you for a refreshing dental retreat. Every visit is a testament to tailored care interwoven with a touch of compassion. Eager for a transformative experience? Reach out to us at Northpoint Dental today!

Welcome to Northpoint Dental

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    Dr. Makary and her team look forward to serving Jacksonville with comfortable, convenient dentistry that is always catered to our patients' needs. Our caring, passionate provider and skilled dental team look forward to keeping our community smiling with state-of-the-art, individualized care.

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