11257 Alta Dr. Suite 101 Jacksonville, FL 32226

(904) 439-8300

11257 Alta Dr. Suite 101 Jacksonville, FL 32226

(904) 439-8300

Cosmetic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL

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Eager for a breathtaking smile transformation? Northpoint Dental is your beacon in the quest for impeccable dental aesthetics. Our distinguished cosmetic dentistry portfolio ensures every dream smile becomes a radiant reality.

Illuminate Your Smile with Northpoint Dental's Premier Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Makary: A Smile Artisan in Jacksonville, FLOur commitment lies in sculpting smiles that reflect your personality. Dr. Makary's proficiency in cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry techniques, coupled with her personalized approach, guarantees your envisioned results. Engage in a one-on-one cosmetic consultation where we'll craft your bespoke smile blueprint.
Comprehensive Smile MakeoversMerge the magic of restorative and cosmetic procedures to unveil a naturally splendid smile. Our dedication thrives on tailoring solutions that echo your desires.
Venture through our array of procedures from teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, to bonding and more. Dive into a comprehensive smile journey by scheduling a consultation today.
Porcelain & Composite VeneersSeeking a flawless facade for your teeth? Our veneers are thin, tailored sheaths that gloriously transform tooth fronts. Whether you're combating cracks, discolorations, misalignments, or gaps – our veneers offer the promise of a rejuvenated smile.
Dental ImplantsRedefine lost smiles with our superior dental implants. These titanium anchors merge with your jawbone, laying the foundation for radiant crowns. Revel in their steadfastness, unrestricted dietary choices, and embrace the wholesome alternative to traditional dentures or bridges.
Philips Zoom!® WhiteSpeed Teeth WhiteningLife's adventures may have cast shadows on your teeth through staining foods, tobacco, age, or medications. But with Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed teeth whitening, reclaim your gleaming smile. Experience its brilliance either in our serene dental spa in just an hour or from the comfort of your home with our tailored kits.
Invisible Teeth AlignersFor those desiring a sly smile correction, our invisible teeth aligners stand unmatched. Their near-invisibility and ease of removal make them the modern favorite over traditional braces. We proudly feature the ClearCorrect and Invisalign® systems, ensuring your path to a perfect smile is both discreet and efficient.

Embark on Your Cosmetic Odyssey in Jacksonville, FL

Is your radiant smile waiting to break free? Illuminate your path with Northpoint Dental. Reach out today and commence your cosmetic dentistry journey!

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    Hi, I'm Dr. Makary! My team and I look forward to serving Jacksonville with comfortable, convenient dentistry that is always catered to our patients' needs. Our caring, passionate and skilled dental team look forward to keeping our community smiling with state-of-the-art, individualized care.

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